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Does the Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) Shake break a fasting state?

Most people will be kicked out of a fasting state by using the DNS powder since it does contain 15 g of protein, but the best way to test is by using a glucometer to measure blood sugar (below 95 for a fasting state). However, you do get many of the same benefits during Detox including anti-inflammatory effects, hormone balancing, blood sugar balancing, and ease of digestion, along with the 12-hour overnight fast as part of the Detox protocol.

What is the 7-Day Detox?

The Equilibrium Detox is a comprehensive detoxification program that allows your body 7, 14 or 21 days to reset and remove harmful toxins from your body. These toxins can cause weight gain, bloating, dry skin, brain fog, mood disorders, and hormone imbalances. The results from the 7-Day detox have been shown to improve many of these issues in most people.

If you click on the " - Product Description" Tab on near the middle you will see a price breakdown of food costs vs. using the Equilibrium Detox and you will find an average savings of about $29/week when on the 7-day Detox.

Does the Detox provide all meals or do I still have to purchase groceries in addition to it?

Each 7-day Detox comes with 7 breakfast and 7 afternoon shakes. The food shopping list is contained within the kit, but you would purchase your own lunch and dinners for days 3-7. (Days 1 and 2 are 4 shakes per day and are supplied for you.)

How many scoops of powder should I use?

Please only follow the directions on the mini-brochure enclosed in your Equilibrium Detox kit. You will be using 1 scoop for each shake four times a day on days 1-2. On days 3-7 you will be using two scoops for each breakfast and mid-afternoon shake.

Can I do the 7-Day Detox more than 7 days?

The Equilibrium Detox may be done for 7, 14, or 21-Days. The length of time is based on your goals and the results you are looking for. Generally, the longer you do the Equilibrium Detox the more benefits you will receive.

How often can I do the detox?

Typically, our wellness clients use the Equilibrium Detox 4 times per year (seasonally). However, many of our weight loss clients use it more often to help combat the effects of travel, holiday, and occasional slip-ups in their nutrition. We recommend the All-in-One Daily Nutritional Support Detox Shake for every day maintenance use after your Equilibrium Detox is over.

Can I have coffee during my detox?

We do not recommend having coffee/caffeine during the detox in order to see the best results. However, if you are not able to give up coffee we recommend only having about 6oz of black coffee or tea in the morning.

Can I modify the detox to eat during the first 2 days?

We do not recommend eating during the first 2 days in order to give your body the time to remove toxins with out the stress of digesting food. However, if you are not trying to lose weight we do recommend using spinach and blueberries in your smoothies. If it is essential that you eat during the first 2 days you may follow the guidelines for days 3-7.

What if I miss a shake?

If you miss a shake you can pick up with the next scheduled Daily Detox Shake – there is not need to add another one.

What if I miss one of the capsules?

If you miss taking an AYU or FM capsule you can pick up with the next scheduled capsules – there is no need to take additional ones.

How much water should I drink?

You should be consuming about 80-100oz of water each day throughout the detox. Much of this will be from the Equilibrium Detox shakes themselves (each one is about 20-24 ounces). Additional water is only needed if you feel thirsty.

Are nut milkes allowed on the detox?

Yes, if you cannot do straight water with the powder you may use a 50/50 ratio of unsweetened nut milk with water.

If wishing to use coconut milk, it is okay to use about 1-2 tsp as part of a meal or recipe but is preferable that the main sources of fats are monounsaturated (avocado, olive oil) as they are easier to digest than saturated fats.

Do my detox products expire?

The detox products do have an expiration date; each product will have a stamp for the date that it will expire. Since they’re made in small batches, the one you’re getting is going to be fresh and will not expire most likely for 2 years.

Can I use herbs and spices?

Yes, herbs and spices are okay to use for seasoning your food.

*Note: some herbs including garlic and onion can act as a prebiotic and cause bloating which may slow weight loss and increase gut dysfunction. If this happens on days 3-7 we recommend cutting back on those products.

Is there anything I should not do on the detox?

Please consult your healthcare practitioner if you are under 18, pregnant or lactating, have liver or kidney disease, gallbladder conditions, appendicitis, eating disorder, type 1 diabetes, or if any of your medications are contraindicated with any of these ingredients.

Should I continue with any prescribed medication during the detox?

During the detox you should stay on all prescription medication prescribed by your healthcare practitioner, please also confirm that none of your medications are contraindicated with any of the ingredients in the detox.

Can I continue taking other vitamin/mineral supplements while on the detox?

Yes, just not on the fasting days 1 & 2, unless specifically told to by your health practitioner.

How do I maintain my results after the detox?

Out goal is to help you get the best results humanly possible, while at the same time teaching you a healthy lifestyle plan. To maintain all your results we simply recommend a daily breakfast or mid-afternoon smoothie with the Daily Nutritional Support Detox Shake. It is what our most successful clients do to stay feeling healthy & looking great!

How do I eat after the 21-Day Detox?

Continue with the Daily Nutritional Support for breakfast, but add in some berries and other superfoods.

Daily Nutritional Support Shake

For lunch you can continue on with a vegan or vegetarian lunch or begin to add in Paleo type protein if you prefer.

Snack is optional and it can be another smoothie, just the shake and powder, or a snack such as: a handful of nuts, cut up veggies and guacamole or hummus, a cup of fruit, or a fresh vegetable juice. Dinner can be the same style as lunch.

Lunch and dinner can also include some gluten-free starch if you are not trying to lose weight.

You can also do one to two cheat meals per week as desired based on your goals.

Can I use vinegar on the detox?

We do not recommend vinegar on the detox because it is acidic and it can feed yeast or bacterial overgrowth. Instead, try using lemon or lime for acidity/flavor instead.

Can I change the timing of my shakes?

If you need to wake up earlier than the example times listed on the instructions, you should drink lemon water upon waking up. Then have your first shake no earlier than 6:00am and have the remaining shakes 3.5-4 hours apart.

Can I drink anything besides water?

Yes, you may also drink unsweetened and caffeine-free herbal teas; especially ginger tea. Please avoid coconut water or any beverages with sugar (natural or added).

Should I be having daily bowel movements?

Decreased bowel movements during the first 2 days of the detox is normal because you are not consuming whole foods and only drinking liquids. After you introduce meals again on day 3, bowel movements should begin returning to normal. To increase bowel activity add in magnesium citrate powder and/or 3-5 capsules of psyllium husk fiber at night.

Can I exercise during the detox?

If this is your first detox, we do not recommend exercising on the fasting days. Exercising on the meal days is okay, but don’t overdo it and pay close attention to how your body is feeling. The main goal of the detox is also to give your body time to rest and rejuvenate.

If you have done the detox before and know that you always have enough energy to exercise when fasting, then go ahead. Make sure to only do light exercise and continue to stay aware of how your body is feeling.

Can I cook my food on the detox?

Yes, you may cook your food. It is best not to cook in oil, but instead, either steam, bake, broil, slow cook, or sauté (pan-fry) in a little water to prevent sticking. You may then add 1-2 TBSP of olive oil as a dressing along with a squeeze of lemon.

I feel bloated after having a shake and supplements. Is this normal?

Bloating after consuming the shake and supplements is often a sign of weak digestion. If this occurs, it is best to drink the shake slowly over the course of 60 minutes.

I’m doing a 14 or 21-Day Detox – Do I repeat the 2-Day fast at the beginning of each week?

Yes, for best results, we recommend repeating the 2 day fast each week. If weight-loss is not your main goal, then it is okay to only do the first 2 day fast and then follow the day 3-7 meal plan for the rest of the detox. Another option is only doing 1 liquid fast day per week for 2 or 3 week of a longer Equilibrium Detox.

Can I chew gum during the detox?

Ideally no, but if needed you may have sugar-free gum and only right after a meal. Chewing gum stimulates digestion, which can be beneficial after eating. However, chewing gum in-between meals can make you hungry and make the detox more difficult to complete.

Can I have sparkling water during the detox?

We recommend avoiding all carbonated drinks during the detox. After you complete the detox sparkling water is okay.

I can’t swallow pills. Is it okay to open up the capsules?

Yes, you can mix the powder from the capsules into the shakes or even mix them up with a little raw honey or 1 tsp of apple sauce. Please keep in mind that the powder may taste bitter due to the vitamins and herbs.

will doing the detox lower my thyroid?

Since the liquid fast days only last for 48 hours, you should not have any ill effects on your thyroid. However, if you are worried about your thyroid levels, you may use the days 3-7 meal plan for the entire 7 days and not do the 2 liquid fast days. Your weight loss, if desired, will be less, but you will still get the health benefits. Another alternative would be to just do 1 single liquid fast day and then move right into the days 3-7 meal plan.

I don’t want to lose weight. Can I still do the detox?

Absolutely! If you are not trying to lose weight, we do recommend adding 1c of blueberries in your smoothies on days 3-7. There is a section on the food shopping list of fruits and carbs that you can eat if weight loss is not your main goal. Also, if you are completing a 14-day or 21-day detox, only the first 2 days of fasting is recommended and you can follow the instructions for days 3-7 for the rest of the detox.

If I’m feeling hungry still after day 3, can I add more food?

To help with hunger we recommend adding green leafy vegetables and blueberries in your smoothies. Less weight may be lost, but you will still experience great detox results.

Do I need to do all 7 days or can I do less and still get results?

If you cannot commit to a full 7-day detox, you can still receive great benefits from doing only 5 days. Simply complete the 1st 5 days out of the 7 day Equilibrium Detox and then just use the daily shake powder for your morning smoothies after that.

Can I do the detox without using the pills and just do the all-in-one powder?

The Equilibrium Detox was specifically formulated to include all 3 products. Each product is unique in its own way. The Daily Nutritional Support powder is a full multi-vitamin, mineral, electrolyte, and antioxidant formula that has light detox effects by itself, but it is the FM Detox that provides the higher level of Phase 1 and 2 liver detox support. The AYU Detox allows for greater bowel motility and has anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties.


Unfortunately, the capsules are not sold separately because during the detox they need to be taken with a Vegan Protein Powder, Methylated B Vitamins, Electrolytes, Fiber and a Multi-Mineral formula to provide the Liver with all the elements it needs to complete both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Detoxification. Taking the shake powder also ensures you get your 16-20 ounces of water with each dose to flush everything out. Constipation prevention is important during a detox.

The Electrolytes and Minerals contained in the Daily Nutritional Support Powder also keep your energy up as well as keep you hydrated. The DNSP also has other anti-cancer & detoxing elements that are good for healthy Hair, Skin, Weight Loss, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, etc.

The shake powder is very easy to take. Just add 2 scoops to 16-20 ounces of water. The Chocolate flavor is a crowd favorite!

Why may I experience headaches, fatique, nausea, or skin breakouts?

This can be a sign that your body is detoxing, which is called a Herxheimer reaction. This is due to the fact your body is releasing stored toxins, which your body is trying to process and eliminate as quickly as possible. Headaches, fatigue, and nausea are also common if you have altered your normal routine and are no longer consuming processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, etc. This causes your body to have withdrawal symptoms from these items, especially during the first 2 days. It should be gone by the end of day 3. Please discontinue the Detox, or move onto the Day 3 meal plan should a headache become severe or last more than the 1st 2 days.

Is the detox gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free, caffeine-free, nut-free, vegan/vegetarian?

Yes, the detox was created to be free of all major allergens including gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and nuts. The detox is also caffeine free and is made with pea/rice protein so it is also vegan/vegetarian. It has also been 3rd party tested for purity and contains no heavy metals.

Can I complete the detox while pregnant or nursing?

No, we do not recommend completing the detox while pregnant or nursing because that may expose your child to toxins your body will be releasing.

Can I do infrared sauna, or coffee enema, or colonic while completing the detox?

If you would like to use an infrared sauna, coffee enema, or colonic while completing the detox, it is best to do so during days 3-7, after you have completed the fasting portion so that your body is stronger and able to work with the increased detoxification treatments.


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