Frequently Asked Questions




Do I continue to take supplements after the first month?

You will continue all supplements for 12 weeks unless otherwise stated. After 12 weeks, you will begin to wean off of the nutritional supplements as decided by your health coach or practitioner.

The items that change after the first month are those on the candida or bacterial overgrowth protocol. They are listed in the right-hand column of your personalized wellness plan and they tell you which ones to move to next.

I feel groggy the next morning after waking up. Could it be one of the supplements?

If you are taking Natural Calm, Best Rest Formula, or Melatonin, we recommend that you eliminate all of them for one night and then start back with just one at a time. For example, if you use the natural calm you will not use any of the others that first night. If you don’t feel groggy the next morning, then add the best rest formula. If you do feel groggy with the best rest formula, decrease the capsules to just one and see if you still feel groggy. The goal is to just change one variable at a time until you find out the right dosage for you.

I feel bloated while using the shake in the morning?

Make sure you are only using 16 ounces of water, 1 cup of blueberries, and two scoops of the Daily Nutritional Support Powder. Also, be sure you are drinking this over a 60-minute time period. This is a hypoallergenic formula and adding an additional food or supplements to this, or drinking it too quickly, could cause bloating. In the future, you may be able to add greens, coconut oil, or other nutritional supplements as your digestion get stronger.

Can I mix my nutritional supplements in the food?

If you have difficulty swallowing nutritional supplements, you may mix them in some puréed food or a smoothie. Please do keep in mind that some herbs are very bitter and may be difficult to take outside of the capsule.

Can I take my additional supplements on top of what you recommend?

In order to control all variables, in the beginning, we do not recommend using any other nutritional supplements outside of what was recommended. This allows us to make changes and adjustments as needed with your protocol while using a program we know works. Please do continue on all medications you have been prescribed by your MD. In the future, you may be able to add other supplements as well.

Should I complete an intestinal cleanse?

Approximately 4 to 6 weeks after beginning your protocol it is recommended that you do an intestinal cleanse. This allows you to remove excess bacteria, yeast, and waste from your intestines to improve gut health.

This is optional, but our wellness clients have seen great improvements after completing the simple 5–7 day protocol.

The protocol is available online at Equilibrium Nutrition and comes with easy to follow instructions. You do not have to worry about staying home from work and it does not cause extreme diarrhea or loose stool. What it does do, is increase your bowel movements to three times per day while removing excess waste from the lining of the intestines.

Is it okay to take other supplements during the Candida and Bacteria Protocol?

If you’ve been recommended other nutritional supplements by your functional medicine doctor or health practitioner, you may continue on with those as long as they do not include probiotics, additional fiber, or any protein powders that are not included on your food guide.

What if I experience adverse reactions to the protocol?

If you experience an adverse reaction that has significant impact on your ability to function, please follow these steps to help determine if it is due to one of the supplements, or something else:

  1. Have you added in any new foods besides the supplements?

    If so, remove those for one week – even if they’re healthy vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, hummus, etc.

  2. If you are having a reaction to the supplements, remove all supplements and wait 5 days. If the symptoms dissipate add 1 new product back in every 3 days and see which one causes the reaction (if any). You can start at just 1 capsule of that product and then increase as able.

  3. If on the CBO protocol and having a skin reaction, it’s possible the die off is being pushed through the skin. You can stop the CBO Protocol for 5 days and see if symptoms subside. If so, follow step 2 above and work up to a tolerable dosage.

Is the Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) Shake safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes, the DNS is safe for use during pregnancy. We also recommend looking into the Complete Pregnancy Package.

Is the Daily Nutritional Support (DNS) Shake safe to use on children?

Yes, the recommended dosage for children is a 1/2 scoop for under 50 lbs and 1 scoop at 75 lbs.