Instead of using the "band-aid approach” of suppressing symptoms, we actually seek out the underlying root cause to restore homeostasis back to your body.

Using Integrative methods & advanced state-of-the-art Functional Medicine lab testing we design bio-individualized wellness protocols using specific nutritional supplements, specialized diet plans, exercise programs and lifestyle recommendations based on your genetics and body type to help you achieve your short and long term health goals.

There is no one perfect diet, exercise or lifestyle component that is right for every single person. Especially depending on what stage of their health journey they may be in. The one-size-fits-all approach does NOT work because we are all unique individuals AND we all will have different nutritional and lifestyle needs as we go through different stages of our lives.

There's always a root cause for every symptom or condition and we would love to support and guide you STEP-BY-STEP along your health journey toward healing and optimal living so you can achieve everything you were put on this planet to do!

Personalized Nutrition

Ever wondered why that one person you know can live off of junk food all day and never gain any weight? You may have secretly wished you were "that lucky" but in truth, they will eventually have health issues emerge in some other area(s) of their life eventually.

Their genetics just determine how and when their health issues will express themselves. One person may get Eczema, Allergies, or Arthritis while another may gain weight, get Anxiety or experience IBS symptoms ... all at different points in their lives.

As you've seen, the one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to diet, exercise and even overall lifestyle recommendations. Genetics, Toxin exposure, Mental & Emotional Health, Environment, Stress Levels and current Weight status all vary person to person. The old tag line “Calories In/ Calories Out” often only works for those people who have perfect gut health and optimal metabolic/hormonal balance.

Using an Integrative approach and advanced Functional Medicine Lab testing, we design and implement Bio-Individualized Nutrition and Diet Plans for each unique individual based on their health goals. We help our clients stop the guessing game and figure out what is best specifically for THEM, based on their body type, nutritional deficiencies, gene expression, activity level, and lifestyle.



Weight Loss

Have you ever noticed how two people will try the exact same fad diet or exercise program, and while one person is successful, the other person struggles with very minimal results?

Not one exercise routine or weight loss diet is right for everyone. We all have unique genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors that all play a role in our current state of health and weight. You may have Nutritional Deficiencies and Hormonal/Thyroid Imbalances holding you back from being the happiest, healthiest version of yourself!

As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I care about you as an individual  – not a number.  It’s about listening to your story, tracing back in time as to how you got to this point, and eventually discovering the hidden root causes as to why you don’t look & feel your best. It gives me great joy in supporting my clients in their journey to gaining back the confidence they need to look and feel their best. Together we will get you the results you desire and gain valuable insight into what exactly YOUR body needs to stay healthy and at a good weight for your specific body type so that you don't relapse in the future.  


Does Alzheimer's, Cancer or Cardiovascular Disease run in your family? Would you like to know what the research says about the best methods to prevent what you've seen your parents or grandparents suffer from?

In most cases, your genetic makeup simply provides us with a map. Your genes DO NOT have to determine your destiny. As the saying goes, “Genetics load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger.”

For example, if you follow a strict Vegan diet, Keto or Low-Fat Diet, wouldn’t you like to know if that works well with your genes? Or if you need to be aware of any nutritional deficiencies that could arise from staying on a certain diet long term? By looking at your genetics we will know what ratio of macronutrients you will benefit the most from. Some people do better on more healthy carbs, other can tolerate more fat, some need more fish or should consider an Omega-3 supplementation long term.

Once we've achieved your short term health goals, we can take your health to the next level by focusing on prevention. We will design a personalized Genetic Report that will not only guide you on optimal nutrition but also we’ll know what forms of exercise you’ll benefit the most from. And wouldn’t you like to know if you are genetically designed to actually benefit from low-moderate alcohol consumption or if it’s something you should strive to ultimately reduce?

By combining Genetic data interpretation/counseling services with longevity promoting methods and nutritional protocols based on the latest scientific research we provide clients with the education and tools they need to live the best QUALITY life possible.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”
~Benjamin Franklin